#267 — May 20, 2020

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Windows Gets a Package Manager, a Terminal, Linux GUI Apps, and.. and.. — The flurry of news from this week’s Microsoft Build event (taking place online this year, of course) is thick and fast, but we’re going to lead with Windows now having a new package manager ready for you to try: Windows Package Manager.

In other news, MS is close to having Linux GUI apps running on Windows 10, there’s a new Terminal (see our Code & Tools section), .NET Multi-Platform App UI, and even DirectX for Linux. It’s an exciting time even if, like me, you’re not often in the Windows world.


Chrome's Secure DNS Plans for Safer, More Private Browsing — Firefox has been flying the DNS over HTTPS flag for a while now, but with Chrome 83 a similar option is coming to Chrome with the key difference being that Chrome will upgrade to DNS-over-HTTPS where it’s available while remaining with the same DNS provider currently being used.

Kenji Baheux (Chrome)

We Now Offer Remote Go, Docker or Kubernetes Training — We offer live-streaming remote training as well as video training for engineers and companies that want to learn Go, Docker and/or Kubernetes. Having trained over 5,000 engineers, we have carefully crafted these classes for students to get as much value as possible.

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Microsoft Unveils 'Azure Static Web Apps'Azure Static Web Apps brings modern static site deployment to Azure and integrates with GitHub and Visual Studio Code too. Want to see more? Here’s a 6 minute screencast demo.


Network-Layer DDoS Attack Trends for Q1 2020 — Cloudflare takes a look at how DDoS attacks have changed in a time when the way many of us use the Internet has changed significantly.

Omer Yoahimik and Arun Singh (Cloudflare)

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📕 Stories and Opinions

When SimCity Got Serious: The Story of Maxis Business Simulations — Did you know that the creators of SimCity had a division that made Sim games for corporations? This is a great piece of research and tech journalism.

Phil Salvador

How DigitalOcean Scaled Droplet Public Networking — A brief look at DigitalOcean’s early scaling issues and how they grew past them to where they are now.

Armando Migliaccio (DigitalOcean)

Ask HN: Dear Open Source Devs How Do You Sustain Yourself? — Some nice stories and insights in this popular Hacker News thread.

Hacker News

The HTTP Headers You Don't Expect — Similar to a site adding a comment in its HTML or the browser’s console, but of course HTTP headers are more likely to go unnoticed..

Francesco Carlucci

Ask HN: Is There Still a Place for Native Desktop Apps? — In a world of Electron and other JavaScript/CSS powered desktop web app systems, how valuable is native desktop development? A lot, as it turns out.

Hacker News

📖 Tutorials

A Beginner Friendly Introduction to PrometheusPrometheus is a popular system monitoring and alerting system that’s built in Go.

S Santhosh Nagaraj

▶  The Top 10 Videos from RedisConf TakeawayRedisConf Takeaway was a remote version of the annual Redis conference that took place recently and Redis Labs has shared some of the talks covering topics like how Redis 6.0’s security features work, memory optimization, and how to get started with Redis.

Redis Labs

A Blueprint for Running Stateful Services on Kubernetes LogDNA

LogDNA sponsor

What Every Developer Should Know About TCP — You’re every developer! And so am I!

Roberto Vitillo

10 Most Common Mistakes When Using Kubernetes

Marek Bartik

Understanding Database Query Planner Cost Models — Query planners in database systems frequently use cost models to determine which algorithms to use for a given query by which have the lowest ‘cost’.

Justin Jaffray

Automate Repetitive Tasks with Custom git Commands — How to write custom git commands.

Srebalaji Thirumalai

How to Set Up AWS Organizations with Google Suite SAML SSO — How to setup simplified AWS account management, with centralized billing and resource sharing, authenticated with G Suite as identity provider.

Frédéric Barthelet

Using lambda@Edge for Server-Side Rendering

Mohamed Elfiky

▶  13 Talks from Failover Conf 2020Failover Conf was a virtual conference all about reliability and resilience engineering. Talks cover serverless, chaos engineering, devops, and improving a distributed system after a major incident.

Failover Conf

Getting Started with Rust by Building a Tiny Markdown Compiler

Jesse Lawson

🛠 Code and Tools

Windows Terminal 1.0: A New Windows Command Line Option — Windows now has an official Unix-esque terminal app to be proud of complete with tabs, panes, GPU accelerated rendering.. and it’s open source. What a world we live in. Monthly updates are promised.

Kayla Cinnamon

Faster CI/CD for All Your Software Projects Using Buildkite — See how Shopify scaled from 300 to 1800 engineers while keeping their build times under 5 minutes.

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Deno 1.0 Released: A New JavaScript Runtime (That Isn't Node) — Deno is a new JavaScript runtime from Node’s original creator. It has a lot of compelling features, like security whitelisting and a single executable distribution. We’ve also launched a newsletter dedicated to it.

Ryan Dahl, Bert Belder, and Bartek Iwańczuk

Amazon Kendra: Amazon's New Take on Enterprise SearchKendra is a new search service on AWS that uses machine learning to answer natural language queries from end users.

Julien Simon (AWS)

NGINX Config: An Online NGINX Configuration File Generator — It seems DigitalOcean has given a new home to this handy tool formerly known as nginxconfig.io. Fill out as many boxes are you can on areas like security, sites you want to host, logging, and more, and you get NGINX config files ready to go.


Guardian: A New Tool to Automate Serverless Best Practicessls-dev-tools is a suite of AWS Lambda-focused ‘devtools’ and it’s just gained a new member: Guardian is a new audit tool that does best practice auditing of your projects – this post digs into how it works.

Ben Ellerby