#195 — December 12, 2018

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Web Operations Weekly

Do you like podcasts? We do, and this year we've found a handful that you might find interesting. Scroll down to check out our special section dedicated to them and get your headphones on :-)
The WebOps Weekly team (Peter, Chris, and Za'e)

HashiCorp Vault 1.0 Released — Vault is a popular tool for managing secrets and protecting sensitive infrastructure and app related data. GitHub repo.


Phusion Passenger 6 Released — While Passenger was originally an app server solely aimed at getting Rails apps rapidly deployed to the Web, it’s now grown into a more general tool and now includes generic language support as well as first class support for other languages like Elixir and Rust.

Hongli Lai (Phusion)

Video Encoding, Storage, and Delivery in A Single Platform — Mux Video takes the pain out of video encoding and streaming with a simple API to data-optimized live and on-demand video. Get up and running in minutes, not months. By the creators of Zencoder, Video.js, and Demuxed.

Mux sponsor

Designing Headers for HTTP Compression — HTTP headers isn’t a common place we look for performance wins but they quickly add up. HTTP/2’s HPACK header compression can help, but how does it work?

Mark Nottingham

Real-Time Serverless with API Gateway WebSockets and AWS Lambda? — AWS has announced WebSockets support for API Gateway (coming soon, it’s not GA yet), and the serverless community got pretty excited as it opens up a promising new pattern for serverless development - connect via WebSockets to API Gateway and then call serverless functions over that connection.

Jared Short

How To Build a Real-Time App with GraphQL Subscriptions on Postgres — A walkthrough of building a real-time polling app using Postgres, GraphQL, and React with no specific back-end code (it uses Hasura’s GraphQL service running on Heroku - all for free).

Sandip Devarkonda

Windows Server 2019 Includes OpenSSH — The OpenSSH client and server are a supported ‘Feature-on-Demand’ in Windows Server 2019 and Windows 10 1809 - this comes the same week Microsoft announced its Edge browser will switch to the same engine as Chrome. Windows to adopt the Linux kernel in 2021? :-)

Danny Maertens (Microsoft)

AWS Europe (Stockholm) Region Now Open — The new Amazon Web Services region in Sweden is technically called eu-north-1 and is their fifth region in Europe. Some eagle-eyed Redditors have already noticed EC2 and RDS pricing is a little lower than other EU regions but instance type availability is a little patchy.

Jeff Barr (AWS)

💻 Jobs

Sr. Fullstack Engineer (Remote) — Sticker Mule is looking for passionate developers to join our remote team. Come help us become the Internet’s best place to shop and work.

Sticker Mule

Join Our Career Marketplace & Get Matched With A Job You Love — Through Hired, software engineers have transparency into salary offers, competing opportunities, and job details.


📘 Tutorials

Troubleshooting an Obscure OpenSSH Failure — How a curious continuous integration error led a team to uncover a person-in-the-middle SSH proxy.


What Is API Management? — An explanation of key API concepts and the relationship of API management to API gateways.

Karthik Krishnaswamy (NGINX, Inc.)

Deploy Your Clusters in Minutes with DigitalOcean Kubernetes

DigitalOcean sponsor

A Guide to the Kubernetes Networking Model — This is from earlier this year but is a very thorough introduction and rich with diagrams.

Kevin Sookocheff

A Crash Course on Building APIs with Lambda and Aurora Serverless — How to hook up a MySQL database to a serverless API by using Aurora Serverless, AWS’s new on-demand database service.

Adnan Rahić

Building AWS Lambdas for Real World using Ruby and Serverless Framework — A thorough tutorial covering Lambda’s new Ruby support, along with testing and logging considerations.

Jalerson Lima

Free eBook: Actionable Continuous Delivery Metrics — This eBook provides you insight into your CD pipeline & helps you to improve your CD process with metrics.

GoCD sponsor

Securing Your Site Like It’s 1999“What follows are examples of critical mistakes that brought down several early websites, and how you can help protect yourself and your team from the same fate.”

Katie Fenn

🔊 Podcasts We Recommend

Screaming in the Cloud — Charismatic AWS guru Corey Quinn talks to developers and engineers about AWS and cloud related topics on topics like the future of serverless and the myth of cloud agnosticism (an episode I particularly enjoyed).

Screaming in the Cloud

Darknet Diaries — A highly produced podcast that takes on a single security related story each episode in a Reply All type format.

Jack Rhysider

Arrested DevOps — A devops-flavored podcast that includes a lot of interviews with leading ops engineers at industry events.

Matt Stratton, Trevor Hess, and Bridget Kromhout

Datanauts — Episodes are around 40-50 minutes long and cover a variety of data center and infrastructure related topics from AWS security and cloud infrastructure to edge computing and career advice.

Packet Pushers

StormCast — A daily ‘briefing’-style podcast that covers up-to-date security threats and vulnerabilities in just 5-10 minutes.

SANS Internet Storm Center

The Google Cloud Platform Podcast — Superbly produced - as you’d expect from Google - and really digs into serious depth on ops tools and approaches as well as work happening at Google itself.


🔧 Tools and Code

DigitalOcean Releases Its Kubernetes-Based Container Service — DigitalOcean joins providers like AWS, Google and Azure in offering a managed Kubernetes service in the cloud.

The DigitalOcean Blog

GitLab Announces GitLab Serverless — From December 22, GitLab 11.6 users will get access to a new, alpha ‘serverless’ offering that will let you build and manage serverless workloads from within the GitLab UI.


An introduction to KubeflowKubeflow is a Kubernetes-native platform for developing and and running scalable machine learning workloads.

Michelle Casbon and Amy Unruh

FreeBSD 12.0 Now Available

Glen Barber

Resilience Weekly: Weekly Reflections on the Resilience of Systems — An interesting newsletter that digs into matters around the resilience of systems, technology and people - a topic that has some crossover with operations.

Thai Wood