#189 — October 24, 2018

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Web Operations Weekly

Amazon Web Services Explained in Illustrations — These are rather pretty and would make great posters. Not the best way to learn about different AWS services, perhaps, but could make for good reminders.

Jerry Hargrove

A Practical Introduction to GitHub ActionsLast week we featured GitHub Actions, a new workflow automation system from GitHub. This is a complete tutorial-style introduction to how it works.

Sarah Drasner

Successful Software Starts Here — Raygun provides Application Performance Monitoring, offering greater clarity on how your software is performing for your customers than any other APM provider. Our pricing makes it easier to detect and diagnose issues impacting end users. Available for .NET.

Raygun sponsor

Dropbox's Traffic Infrastructure: The Edge Network — With exabytes of data stored, Dropbox distributes a serious amount of data, and to do this they lean heavily on Edge, their points of presence located all around the world.

Oleg Guba and Alexey Ivanov (Dropbox)

AWS Announces Managed Databases for Amazon Lightsail — Lightsail is essentially AWS’s VPS offering where EC2 instances and storage are packaged up in a fixed monthly fee in a style similar to providers like Digital Ocean or Linode. Now, AWS is offering the same with databases - MySQL only for now.

Amazon Web Services

GitHub's October 21 Outage — GitHub went down earlier this week for a prolonged period of time due to “a network partition and subsequent database failure”. The Register has more biting coverage of the story.


TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 Being Retired in 2020 by All Major Browsers — In a coordinated announcement, Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Mozilla have stated that they will be retiring the TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 secure communication protocols beginning in 2020. Get those servers ready, if you haven’t already.

Lawrence Abrams

💻 Jobs

Senior Site Reliability Engineer (New York City) — Contently is seeking a driven and organized SRE to lead and own our Kubernetes and Terraform based infrastructure.


Join Our Career Marketplace & Get Matched With A Job You Love — Through Hired, software engineers have transparency into salary offers, competing opportunities, and job details.


📘 Tutorials

Timing Web Requests with cURL and Chrome — When considering website performance, the term TTFB - time to first byte - crops up regularly. This post shows what’s involved in getting that measurement.

Piers Cornwell

Optimizing HTTP/2 Prioritization with BBR and tcp_notsent_lowat — Getting the best end-user performance from HTTP/2 requires good support for resource prioritization.

Patrick Meenan

Kubernetes Deployments with Cloudflare — This blog post is the second in a series that covers multi-cloud deployment.

CircleCI sponsor

Automating Release Notes Generation with Azure Functions — Using Azure Functions and Azure Blob Storage, the generator outlined here creates a Markdown file of release notes every time a new release is created in Azure DevOps.

Jasmine Greenaway (Microsoft)

Jenkins with HTTPS Using NGINX and Docker

Daniel Weibel

Using Kubeless for Kubernetes Events — Kubeless is a Kubernetes-native serverless framework for deploying functions quickly.

Lee Briggs

What's in an 'App Server' — Learn where an application server, like Passenger, fits in the web application supply chain.


▶  Goodbye REST APIs, Hello GraphQL — Cory House discusses GraphQL, what makes it attractive, and how to migrate from the REST approach.

Cory House

Capacity Planning for Web Applications — Some introductory things a developer has learnt about capacity planning.

Kir Shatrov

💬 Stories & Opinions

The Scale of the Internet Archive — Wayback Machine Director Mark Graham outlines the scale of everyone’s favorite archive of Web sites.

Nathan Mattise

Benchmarking Google BigQuery at Scale

Robert Barton (King)

Alternative Search Engine DuckDuckGo Now Doing 30 Million Searches a Day — Up from 20 million a day under a year ago.

DuckDuckGo on Twitter

Encrypted SNI Support Comes to Firefox Nightly — Firefox Nightly now supports encrypting the TLS Server Name Indication (SNI) extension.

Mozilla Security Blog

The Architecture of Nautilus, the New Dropbox Search Engine

Dropbox Tech Blog

Correlate Request Traces, Infrastructure Metrics, and Logs. Try Datadog Free

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Microservices Are Something You Grow Into, Not Begin With“Let’s talk about when it might be a good or bad idea to start using microservices.”

Nick Janetakis

The Hard Costs of Third-Party Scripts — If a site has a large number of third party scripts to load, there’ll always be a performance price to pay.

Dave Rupert