#188 — October 17, 2018

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Web Operations Weekly

GitHub Actions: Workflow Automation on GitHub — Still in beta, Actions takes GitHub into new, ops-style territory by providing definable, automated workflows for deploying and releasing software. It’s billed as “the biggest shift we’ve had in the history of GitHub”.


The Illustrated TLS Connection: Every Byte Explained — If you really want to get down to the bits and bytes of things, this page demonstrates the chatter between a client and a server negotiating a TLS 1.2 session.

Michael Driscoll

Successful Software Starts Here — Unlock your biggest app performance bottlenecks with all new Raygun APM. Get unparalleled detail on traces presented in an intuitive UI. Now available for .NET.

Raygun sponsor

A Tour Inside Cloudflare's G9 Servers — Cloudflare claims to now serve “nearly 10%” of the Internet’s HTTP requests and to do that they need some serious servers. This post digs into what they’re using.

The Cloudflare Blog

MongoDB Issues New 'Server Side Public License' for Its Community Edition — A new license (to be used on the community edition of MongoDB from here on) specifies how MongoDB can be run as a service. The key change is those running MongoDB as a service needs to open source their unique contributions.

MongoDB, Inc.

AWS Lambda Ups Function Running Time to 15 Minutes — You can now configure your AWS Lambda functions to run up to 15 minutes per execution - it used to be 5. More like this in our serverless newsletter.

Amazon Web Services

Tim Berners-Lee Introduces 'Solid' Decentralized Identity Platform — Solid is a new decentralized identity platform from WWW creator Tim Berners-Lee built around existing Web standards.


💻 Jobs

Sr. Fullstack Engineer (Remote) — Sticker Mule is looking for passionate developers to join our remote team. Come help us become the Internet’s best place to shop and work.

Sticker Mule

Join Our Career Marketplace & Get Matched With A Job You Love — Through Hired, software engineers have transparency into salary offers, competing opportunities, and job details.


📘 Tutorials & News

Docker Raises $92 Million in New Funding


Migrating On-Premises VMs to AWS with AWS Server Migration Service — Yet another AWS service I’d somehow not heard of :-)

Paolo Valsecchi

▶  Using Google Cloud Memorystore for Redis and OpenCensus

Google sponsor

Administrating AWS Resources Productively with the AWS CLI

David Clinton

What's The Difference Between Versioning and Revisioning APIs? — A comparison of two ways to update a Web API.

Kristopher Sandoval

Serverless Rust with Cloudflare Workers

Steven Pack

▶  Dr. Nicole Forsgren on DevOps: 'You Are What You Measure' — An interview with the CEO and Chief Scientist of DevOps Research and Assessment.

The New Stack podcast

💬 Stories & Opinions

$ Marks The Spot: Saving a Ton with EC2 Spot Fleet“We reduced by over 60% the EC2 instance cost of our 1000+ node globally-distributed log-producing application”

Mike Watters (AdRoll)

How We Use Git at Microsoft

Matt Cooper (Microsoft)

Challenge Yourself, Contribute to Projects and Earn Swag — Join DigitalOcean, GitHub, and Twilio in celebrating open source during the 5th annual Hacktoberfest and earn a limited-edition t-shirt. Learn more.

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Microservices vs Spaghetti Code Are Not Your Only Options

Floor Drees (Phusion)

🔧 Code & Tools

Introducing Container-Native Load Balancing on Google Kubernetes Engine

Google Cloud Blog

nginx-c-function: A Module to Call Your C Code from NGINX — Link your C library to an NGINX server with this module and call functions from location directives.

Taymindis Woon

Dice: Roll All Instances within a Kubernetes Cluster, using a Zero-Downtime Strategy

Damien Mathieu

Responder: A Familiar HTTP Service Framework for Python — Brings together a variety of ‘niceties’ from other frameworks.

Kenneth Reitz

Kubernetes Tools: A Set of Scripts to Simplify Daily Kubernetes Operations

Shawn Wang

Lambda Serverless Search: Use AWS Lambda to Perform Free-Text Search on Documents

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