#166 — May 16, 2018

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Web Operations Weekly

Awesome Scalability: 600 Curated Scaling Resources — If you ever get bored for articles, talks, best practices, or books surrounding highly scalable, high availability, and high performance systems.. hit this incredible list.

Benny Nguyen

How Netlify Migrated to a Fully Multi-Cloud Infrastructure — A look at how a static site host is able to migrate key services between different cloud providers without any service interruptions.

Ryan Neal

The DevOps Security Checklist — Learn how to prioritize your security efforts with the DevOps Security Checklist. Select your company stage and follow the security best practices to protect your infra, apps and more.

Sqreen sponsor

HTTP Headers We Don't Want — There are plenty of useful HTTP headers but as a crawl of the HTTP Archive finds, many unnecessary or deprecated HTTP headers are in heavy use too.

Andrew Betts

A Rock Solid, Modern Web Stack with Rails and React — A step-by-step tutorial creating and deploying a React client app connecting to a Ruby on Rails API using content managed via ActiveAdmin.


How Domain Registrars Could Disrupt Your Business — A cautionary tale of when communications between a domain registrar and the maintainer of a TLD (in this case, .io) go awry. I ran into a similar issue with .io back in 2010..

Tomislav Lombarovic

Netflix's Tips for High Availability — Two engineers from Netflix share some ops lessons learnt in rapidly scaling their service.

Andy Glover and Katharina Probst (Netflix)

▶  The Rise of Edge Compute — Kenton Varda explains modern edge compute approaches and Cloudflare’s vision for the future of the Internet as a platform.

Kenton Varda

On the Future of WHOIS Data: A Blackout Period Likely Starting Soon — New European data protection regulations may have a major impact on WHOIS data.


$20 Free On A New Linode Account — Linux cloud hosting starting at 1GB of RAM for $5/mo. Get $20 credit on a new account.

Linode Cloud Hosting sponsor

💻 Jobs

WebOps Expert? Sign Up for Vettery — Top companies use Vettery to find the best tech talent. Create your profile to get started.


Senior Software Engineer - San Francisco, CA — Love to travel? Help us build and scale the platform behind the best mobile hotel booking experience out there.


📘 Tutorials & Opinion

WebRTC Issues and How to Debug Them — WebRTC enables plugin-free connectivity between browsers for things like video chat, peer-to-peer gaming, file transfer, and more.

Lee Sylvester

Troubleshooting DNS over TLS

Nykolas Z

A Complete Guide to Developing REST APIs with AWS API Gateway and AWS Lambda

David Herron

▶  The Importance of DevOps in Observability

The New Stack

'Docker Is The Dangerous Gamble Which We Will Regret' — Warning: Controversial opinion piece ahead. “Docker strikes me as a direction that one day will be seen as a mistake.”

Lawrence Krubner

🔧 Tools

A Roundup of 50 Useful Kubernetes Tools

Stefan Thorpe

Kubernetes is Coming to DigitalOcean: Request Early Access

DigitalOcean sponsor

Nomulus: Google's Open Source TLD Name Registry Service — The software Google uses to run several of its privately owned TLDs.


http2fcgi: A Quick, Tiny HTTP to FastCGI Reverse Proxy

Mohammed Al Ashaal

aws_public_ips: Fetch All Public IP Addresses Tied to Your AWS Account

Arkadiy Tetelman

Guess.js: A Toolkit for Using Data To Improve User Experiences — Uses data from Google Analytics plus machine learning to intelligently pre-fetch resources.

Minko Gechev

And a few vendor-y news items..

Google Compute Engine Introduces 'ultramem' Machine Types — With up to 160 vCPUs and almost 4 terabytes of RAM.
Google Cloud Platform

DigitalOcean's Block Storage Volume Gets a Performance Burst — Cluster latency is down and there’s new ‘burst’ support.
Priya Chakravarthi

Rackspace Launches Kubernetes-as-a-Service Solution
Rackspace Hosting

Google Cloud Platform's Alias IPs Now Support 'Hot Standby' — Now you can add and remove IPs to/from running VMs to migrate running apps easier.
Google Cloud Platform