#165 — May 9, 2018

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Web Operations Weekly

.app TLD Now Generally Available — Google’s .app TLD is now available for general registration. The entire TLD is in Chrome’s HSTS preload list so HTTPS use is enforced.


Reducing Latency and Shifting Compute to the Edge with Lambda@Edge — A practical look at using AWS’s Lambda@Edge (basically a way to run server-side JavaScript at edge locations) to provide low latency data to clients.

Amazon Web Services

Windows Notepad to Get Support for Unix Line Endings — If you want to edit Unix config files, say, Notepad has always been a poor choice, but things are looking up.. :-)

Michel Lopez (Microsoft)

How Twilio Improves 'Mean Time To Discovery' with Rollbar — "The worst thing that can happen is a customer writes in to the support team to say something is broken... If my 'Mean Time To Discovery' is based on a customer support ticket, I’ve failed." Learn more about how Twilio uses Rollbar.

ROLLBAR sponsor

GitHub's New 'Checks' API, A New Way to Connect Integrations and Code — Build more sophisticated tools for continuous integration (CI), linting, and acceptance testing on GitHub.


A Recycled IP Address Caused Me to Pirate 390,000 Books by Accident — Leaving subdomains pointing at IP addresses you don’t control can have unexpected consequences and it’s worth cleaning up unused subdomains to avoid potential domain reputation issues.

Nick Janetakis

How Netflix Optimized Flink for Massive Scale on AWS — Apache Flink is an open source streaming processing platform and Netflix uses it to process data about subscribers’ viewing sessions.


DigitalOcean Rolls Out Updates for Its Load Balancers — Including Let’s Encrypt integration and HTTP/2 support.


Mesosphere Raises $125 Million Series D

Florian Leibert

As Kubernetes Grows, A Startup Ecosystem Develops in Its Wake — Quite an ecosystem is now building up around the open source container orchestration tool.


5 Considerations for Continuous Delivery of Microservices — Five considerations you should keep in mind when designing a CD workflow on microservices architectures.

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Lucidchart’s Database Migration to Amazon AuroraAurora is AWS’s MySQL and PostgreSQL compatible relational database service.


How Algolia Built Their Realtime Search as a Service Product — An interview-led article about Algolia, the search-as-a-service platform.


Ask Hacker News: How Do You Continuously Monitor Web Logs for Hack Attempts? — Extensive discussion and a lot of suggestions here.

Hacker News

💻 Jobs

Senior Software Engineer - San Francisco, CA — Love to travel? Help us build and scale the platform behind the best mobile hotel booking experience out there.


WebOps Expert? Sign Up for Vettery — Top companies use Vettery to find the best tech talent. Create your profile to get started.


📘 Tutorials

A Quick Intro to Kubernetes for App Developers — High level, but if Kubernetes is a mystery to you it may help.

Gergely Nemeth

Help! My Microservice Crashed: A Guide for First Responders — Strategies you can employ to understand better what circumstances caused your microservice to crash.

Mike Mackrory

How To Create a Kubernetes 1.10 Cluster Using Kubeadm on Ubuntu 16.04

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Building A Serverless Contact Form For Your Static Site

Smashing Magazine

🔧 Tools

ipdata.co: An IP Geolocation and Data API — Free up to 1500 requests per day. We’ve begun using it to filter out bots and abusive IPs ourselves.


100+ Server Monitoring and App Performance Monitoring (APM) Solutions

Hayden James

High Speed Networking: Open Sourcing the BBC's Kernel Bypass Work

BBC Resarch and Development

Virtlet: Run Virtual Machines as Kubernetes Pods — Run VMs on Kubernetes clusters as if they were plain pods, enabling you to use standard kubectl commands to manage them.

Ivan Shvedunov

curl-runnings: Write Declarative, curl-Based Tests for APIs

Avi Press