Heads up - Amazon Web Services' re:Invent event is going on right now, which means a lot of AWS news is coming out, including several exciting new services. Hence, an AWS-heavy issue this week :-)

Indeed Prime is a free service that helps engineers secure top offers from leading companies.
Indeed Prime
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The New Stack
All VPC-only, EBS-optimized, and 14% faster than M4 for the money.
Amazon Web Services
Rather than request spot instances separately, you can indicate you want spot instances via the standard instance running interfaces.
Amazon Web Services
In collaboration with Have I Been Pwned.
Steve Dent
Attackers take advantage of Star Wars mania and email sharing to launch spam bot attacks.
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Automatically monitoring when routes change.
Maxence Button
Sebastian Canevari
Are your packets moving at the speed of light? Well, no.
Wesley Aptekar-Cassels
A practical look at how a customer survey company moved their main production database from Heroku to Amazon Web Services.
Data Center Knowledge
We compared GoCD with Jenkins on philosophy, continuous delivery & plugins. Understand how these CI/CD tools fit your needs.
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Schibsted Products
Wesley Chang
Includes DNSSEC and DNS-over-TLS.
Tenta Browser