We are a team of builders; crafting and coding a platform to delight over a million users. We work in big database services to small instances on AWS, manage millions of documents & 25,000 database transactions a second.
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In brief
The New Stack
Igor Šarčević
Reduce image size, speed up builds, and avoid unintended exposure.
Alexei Ledenev
Learn how to prepare Elastic Beanstalk for Docker, how to build and push your Docker images to Docker Hub, and how to test and deploy your app to EBS with Codeship.
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“ECS is quietly, steadily gaining steam”
John Matson
Sid Sijbrandij
“With Font Awesome being used on 73 million websites now, every byte matters.”
Roel Nieskens
Steven Ledoux
Jesse Howarth
Compares only memory, cores, storage and transfer so YMMV.
Microservices are a common aspirational pattern today. However, Sean Kelly argues maybe they shouldn’t be.
DZone Integration
Quickly pinpoint what’s broken and why. Get the context and insights to defeat all Node errors.
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Tim White
Realtime data delivery platform Ably unites Ably, Pusher, PubNub, AMQP, and STOMP.
Ashley Friedlein
Flexible and uses Docker containers for plugins so you can build them however you like.
The API can be easily run on AWS Lambda with API Gateway.
DataFire Flows
Kelsey Hightower