Come and help build out and manage our cloud infrastructure and deployment pipelines, create and support tooling for centralized logging, monitoring and alerting, and develop a strong familiarity with our overall architecture.
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Convertible RIs let you change the instance family associated with a reserved instance at any time.
Featuring 2 days of talks on Polymer, Web Components, Progressive Web Apps, & the future of the mobile web
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Alex Leong
Stavros Korokithakis
Julia Evans
The New Stack
Simon Taranto
Improving run time of HTTP requests run in batches by reordering and building the batches using stored timing information from previous runs.
Stefan Petrea
Alex Bilbie
Austin Cooley
The New Stack
Scott Mansfield
Anand Patel
“Use GitHub + Heroku + CircleCI unless you have a really good reason not to.”
Micah Alles
Abby Kearns
“Making sure constantly you can always obtain a systemic view and trying to get the system as resilient as possible while increasing development velocity and innovation is the essence of DevOps to me.”
Lars Fronius
How to handle an incident the right way: How to fix immediate problems, and how to grow from the experience and set your team up for smooth sailing in the future.
Rick Cusick
Running a complex app? Record, analyze & watch live sessions of your users
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