We are looking for an experienced Operations Engineer to join our remote team to work on things like AWS deployment, Ansible, MySQL, nginx, unicorn & Sensu. Pacific, Alaska, & Hawaii–Aleutian Time Zones are preferred but this is not a requirement.
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In brief
A close look at hard drive failure rates from hard drives used in Backblaze’s datacenter.
The Next Platform
Hashicorp’s open source tool for efficiently building and launching infrastructure.
In the last two years, HTTPS encryption has been rolled out to 97 percent of YouTube’s traffic.
Teach & inspire learners worldwide. Grow & establish your personal brand. Be an author. Make a difference.
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Maxime Sraïki
Launch pad for Amazon Web Services
High Scalability
A quick look at the meaning of ‘time to first paint’ and how long it takes for a page to be truly useful.
Why does this feature have the potential to be revolutionary? M. Scott Ford from Corgibytes explains.
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Matthew O'Riordan
Dozens of facts about the SSH protocol and why we should use it for more things.
Andrey Petrov
Rom Freiman
High Scalability
Part three in a series of posts looking at the technical aspects of moving Netflix’s billing system to AWS.
Roopa Tangirala
Julia Evans
Bjorn Johansen
Bills itself as alpha software so YMMV.
Performs a given set of commands on multiple hosts in parallel.
Ștefan-Gabriel Muscalu
Rafal Wilinski
As well as being a ‘memorial’, this could also be handy for testing.