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The New Stack
A hands-on introductory (paid) book on the art of modern application and infrastructure monitoring and metrics. Sample chapter.
James Turnbull
Our API automation platform keeps getting better with new streamlined commercial packages.
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Beginning in Chrome 52, the performance observer interface is enabled by default, giving you programmatic access to low level timing data.
Sergej Jevsejev
Anand Patel
Alan Hamlett
Kostis Tsaprailis
By eschewing a few “best practices”, we can achieve the web’s promise of immediacy.
Ben Halpern
Sites are getting too big for a mobile world but progressive web apps and AMP offer solutions, with constraints.
Dion Almaer
Whether you’re completely new to Kubernetes, or already an expert, Deis Workflow is a great choice for production deployments. Go from code to cloud in seconds with Kubernetes and Deis Workflow.
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Rodrigue Koffi
A common issue to deal with during local development.
Eugene Ventimiglia
Docker Hub
Luke Childs
Very experimental but a fun idea if you’re into networking.
Mohamed Bassem
Capital One Engineering
Paul Kinlan