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Performance over mobile networks is only becoming more important.
Washington Post
The HTTP Archive crawls the world’s top URLs twice each month and records detailed information.
Steve Souders
Groups of machines with the same config.
Google Cloud Platform
Learn the basics of Deis Workflow, the Open Source PaaS built on Kubernetes & Docker.
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Ben Roux
(so people actually read them)
Eric Proegler
Noam Hasson
Adam Johnson
The Netflix Tech Blog
The New Stack
Filament Group
Dave Murphy
SEO PowerSuite
Madison Moore
Hayden James
Access SQL and NoSQL databases across multiple servers with a singular REST API. Free, open source platform.
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Mount your app into a /code folder, then run this tool to generate a Dockerfile.
Jose Armesto
Claims to enable the rapid deployment of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) on your site.
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