Code in oceanside Santa Barbara and build the software that builds the world! Procore needs an Operations Engineer to help lead our DevOps team. We believe in agile, test driven dev and emphasize collaboration and ownership.
Procore Technologies
If you’re accepted, startups will email you as soon as next Monday. You decide where to interview and where to work. Now open in SF, NYC, and remote. Join today!
In brief
Includes dynamic modules, UDP load balancing, and service discovery with DNS SRV records.
A look at how to create a simple token-based API authentication from scratch.
Micah Woods
How Kubernetes provides a new lens through which to monitor the performance of your system.
Apurva Dave
Panayiotis Lipiridis
At DevconTLV, Evgeny Zislis looked at how grids solve problems related to managing large fleets of containers.
Seth Fox
Brief interview with Chris Jones, a Site Reliability Engineer on Google App Engine.
Jo Maitland
A look at trying to understand how much the speed of the FT website affected user engagement.
Matt Chadburn and Gadi Lahav
Tor Project
How to make sense of the myriad of great info available for webdevs trying to profile/optimize their sites.
Michael Yong
Quickly pinpoint what’s broken and why. Get the context and insights to defeat all application errors.
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An AWS Lambda function to automatically name EC2 instances on Route53.
Jacopo Nardiello
Asaf Yigal
A paid service but with a free tier.
Cloud 66
Tomas Doran
Powerful API automation for standardization, portability, and scale. Free dev environment for testing and rapid prototyping.
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