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Microsoft Azure Blog
MIT Technology Review
Caroline Donnelly
In this free Codeship eBook you will learn how to use Docker to solve the problems of inconsistent environments on varying deployment targets and how to build an app to run inside an isolated Docker Container.
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A beginner’s guide to effectively deploy and manage applications on AWS with Elastic Beanstalk.
Colin Toh
Some quick tips from a team that’s 10x scaled a Ruby app on Heroku.
Drew Zader
Hanzel Jesheen
Advait Shinde shows how his company uses Amazon Aurora to improve scalability by decreasing replica lag and bypassing limitations inherit in enterprise-grade relational databases like AWS RDS.
High Scalability
Andrew Marcinkevičius
The New Stack
“So continuous delivery may live.”
Read Write
Marc Scholten
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Justin Dorfman
Goad allows you to load test your sites from all over the world while costing you fractions of a penny by using AWS Lambda in multiple regions simultaneously.
Gopher Gala 2016
Sunny Ahuwanya