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The New Stack
Computer World
A commercial reality is that some ISPs are offering improved peering to those who will pay.
Apcelent Blog
The Netflix Tech Blog
Very entry level but could be worth passing on.
Lindsay Kolowich
Tomer Levy
Kamal Marhubi
Marvin Pinto
LinkedIn Engineering
Geoffrey Thomas
Thousands of customers use Incapsula every day to block cyber attacks.
Imperva Incapsula   sponsored 
Jakob Gillich
Automate the process of detecting and exploiting SQL injection flaws and taking over of DB servers.
Guimaraes and Stampar
Surf the Web like it’s 1999.
Ilya Kreymer
A unikernel designed for x86 hardware virtualization, with no dependencies except for the virtual hardware.
HiOA Dept.​ of Computer Science