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In brief is Twitter’s link forwarder.
A look at how to move your website to HTTPS, taking advantage of Varnish Cache.
Smashing Magazine
Jen Looper
Bram Stein
Tammy Everts
Doug Sillars
Simply using HTTPS might not be the answer. Apps on these new systems are strongly encouraged to use TLS 1.2 and perfect forward secrecy too.
Making the Switch
Codebase offers fast & reliable hosting for Git, HG and SVN repos with project management built-in. 50% off first 3 months with code RUBYWEEKLY.
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Jaime Pillora
Docker 1.8.0 will introduce a new API endpoint for copying files and directories into a container. With this addition, anyone can now implement their own build system using the Docker Remote API. Dockramp is a proof of concept for an alternative to docker build.
Josh Hawn
Microsoft Azure Blog
A proxy that can simulate common failure scenarios from the perspective of an application under test; such as an API or a webapp.
Matt Fellows