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In brief
Some benchmarks showing how the latest version of the Edge browser performs against others. Good news; the Web is only getting faster.
Chen, Asoni, et al.​
Create teams, set permissions for specific team members, and improve collaboration in your Continuous Delivery workflow. With Codeship's new Organizations plans, you can get centralized control over your organization’s projects and teams.
Codeship   sponsored 
How to spin up a quick HTTP server in PHP, Python, Node, and Ruby.
Idiot Inside
“A slow or unhealthy server is worse than a down server”
The Netflix Tech Blog
A look at a clever tactic being used to combat ad fraud that uses WebRTC’s ability to gather the local IP address of a user.
Philipp Hancke
Some interesting speculation that Amazon may have intended Prime Day to be an extremely high traffic day for testing purposes.
Todd DeCapua
A look at the motivation behind, and results from, implementing a fast caching library for Ruby built on top of Redis.
Parker Selbert
Taking keeping it simple to a whole new level, this is a Docker-like setup built entirely with a bash script tying the underlying technologies together.
Peter Wilmott