#238 — October 16, 2019

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Covering the week's news in software development, infrastructure, ops, platforms, and performance.

free-for.dev: A Bumper List of Stuff That's 'Free' for Developers — An interesting and extensive list of hosted services or otherwise paid-for products that have free tiers or options for developers.


is-website-vulnerable: Find Known Vulnerabilities in a Site's Frontend Libraries — This is a neat tool, especially as npx lets you run it right now as simply as npx is-website-vulnerable http://.... (assuming you have npm installed). Give it a try on your own site.

Liran Tal

How Multiplexing Changes Your HTTP APIs — One of HTTP/2’s headline features and advantages over HTTP/1 is multiplexing, the ability to have multiple requests and responses in flight on one connection. This has big implications for APIs in general, says Mark Nottingham.

Mark Nottingham

New Public Go, Docker & Kubernetes Training are Available For You — Per your request we’re offering public training sessions in the US & Europe. Click on the link to learn more. We have trained over 4,000 engineers and more than 200 companies from Fortune 500's to startups. Let us help you achieve your goals. Let’s talk.

Ardan Labs sponsor

You Cannot cURL Under Pressure: A cURL Game — The latest work of genius from Ben Cox is an interactive, playable game testing your knowledge of the curl command. You can play the game here or, maybe even more interestingly, learn how it’s implemented using curl itself.

Ben Cox

Python 3.8 Released: What's New? — The first significant release of Python following the language’s creator stepping down as BDFL (‘benevolent dictator for life’) earlier this year.


How LinkedIn Customizes Apache Kafka for 7 Trillion Messages Per Day — Unsurprisingly, ‘messages’ here refers to internal messages rather than human generated ones, but LinkedIn still operates at an immense scale.

Jon Lee

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💻 Jobs

DevOps Engineer at X-Team (Remote) — Work with the world's leading brands, from anywhere. Travel the world while being part of the most energizing community of developers.


Find A Job Through Vettery — Vettery specializes in tech roles and is completely free for job seekers. Create a profile to get started.


💬 Stories and Opinions

Migration Complete: Amazon’s Consumer Business Just Turned off Its Final Oracle Database — ..and the sense of how happy Amazon is about this is palpable! Migrating away from a legacy database is no easy task at the best of times, and especially not at Amazon’s scale.

Jeff Barr (AWS)

How Zalando manages 140+ Kubernetes Clusters — Zalando is a European fashion e-commerce site running a significant number of Kubernetes clusters on AWS.

Henning Jacobs

Learn How One Startup Kept Its Remote Team Engaged While Scaling

Range sponsor

And 'Lo!' - How The Internet Was Born — A high-level news item reflecting back on the technology that made up the Arpanet, which led to the Internet of today.

BBC News

Database Deep Dives: A Chat with FaunaDB's Creator — An interview with Fauna’s CEO, Evan Weaver, on why you might pick a global, serverless database like Fauna and the details of handling consensus.

Josh Mintz (IBM)

Reducing Docker Image Size and Cutting Google Cloud Costs

Matt Zeunert

Reversing a Supermarket's Private APIs for Automated Couponing — The sort of fun automation story I enjoy reading, at least.

JonLuca DeCaro

Watch Now: Elastic App Search Overview and Demo — App Search simplifies the process of building rich search experiences for software applications of every kind.

elastic.co sponsor

My Vision of D’s Future — D is an interesting language that has never quite got the same level of press as Rust or Go but it continues to make progress.

Atila Neves

Ask Hacker News: What Do You Self-Host? — I imagine readers of this newsletter are more likely than most to ‘self host’ their own services, so you might enjoy this discussion on Hacker News.

Hacker News

🛠 Code and Tools

Firefox’s New WebSocket Inspector — The new WebSocket inspector, part of the existing Network panel UI in DevTools, will be released in Firefox 71, but is ready for use in Firefox Developer Edition now. Here’s a look at how it works.

Mozilla Hacks

AWS IAM Least Privilege Policy Generator — If you too have endured the headache that is making IAM policies for your AWS services, this could be the tonic you need.


WebAssembly.sh: An Online WebAssembly Terminal — An online WebAssembly Terminal to run WASI modules directly on your browser.

Aaron Turner

Assist: Instant Terminal Sharing From Anywhere — A screen-esque system (but which works across the Internet) for sharing a terminal with another person.


Bazel 1.0: A Popular, Software Building and Testing Tool