#231 — August 28, 2019

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Covering the week's news in software development, infrastructure, ops, platforms, and performance — Formerly Web Operations Weekly and currently in transition.

Lessons GitLab Learnt When Debugging A Scaling Problem — GitLab, a popular alternative to GitHub, deals with over 300 Git-over-SSH connections per second so debugging a handful of broken ones is a serious undertaking. It makes for a great story though and you’ll definitely take something away from this one.

Craig Miskell

An Interactive Map of AWS's Global Infrastructure — A really neat interactive visualization of how Amazon Web Services’ infrastructure is located around the world, how it connects together, and explanations of how various bits of it work.

Amazon Web Services

Learn to Harness Chaos to Build Resilient Systems — Systems in production fail. At this year’s ChaosConf, attendees will learn the how-to and benefits of failing parts of their infrastructure to see how their systems hold up, and to see where the weaknesses lie.

Gremlin sponsor

What Happens When You Launch A Browser for The First Time? — A collection of interesting and quite revealing Twitter threads digging into what browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc) do upon install/first launch (including phoning home and downloading default extensions).

Jonathan Sampson on Twitter

Google Cloud Run Button: 'Click-to-Deploy' for your Git ReposCloud Run is a Google Cloud service for running stateless containers and Cloud Run Button, unveiled this week, provides a way to let users of your code quickly deploy your app to GCP from the repo. Hopefully it doesn't get shut down in 12 months and will last as long as Heroku’s long standing ‘Deploy to Heroku’ button.

Google Cloud Blog

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💻 Jobs

Lead Security Engineer — Make an impact as our first Security Engineer, focusing on driving innovation & best practices around our cloud security efforts.

Cockroach Labs

WebOps developers are in demand on Vettery — Make a free profile, name your salary, and connect with hiring managers from top employers.


💬 Stories and Opinions

Picking Rust for Building Webapps — A developer tried to convince himself not to use Rust for building a basic webapp, but ultimately decided he was “ready to have a different set of problems” to using more established languages.

Abe Winter

▶  The Infrastructure Effect — The latest episode of the fantastic Command Line Heroes podcast covers both Go and COBOL in the context of programming languages being used to build and maintain digital infrastructure.

Command Line Heroes podcast

Is DNS on Blockchain The Next Step After DNS over HTTPS? — Everything ends up on a blockchain eventually, right? 😏

Peter Lai

Please Add RSS Support To Your Site

Kev Quirk

📖 Tutorials and Knowledge

Using Backblaze B2 and Cloudflare Workers for Free Image Hosting — Create your own Imgur-esque static image hosting solution using B2 (basically Backblaze’s answer to S3) and Cloudflare Workers to rewrite the URLs to something more friendly.

James Ross

Everything You Need To Know About Socket.IO — Socket.io used to be the ‘go to’ JavaScript library for enabling live communications between a server and browser before WebSocket support was universal, but it still has utility.


How Agile is Your Web Team? Get Your Score and Customized Roadmap

Pantheon sponsor

curl Exercises — Less a tutorial and more a guide to practicing how to use curl, the popular command line HTTP client.

Julia Evans

How to Set Up A Perfect Python Project

Brendan Maginnis

Troubleshooting Red Hat OpenShift Applications with Throwaway Containers

Fernando Lozano

🛠 Code and Tools

GoAccess: A Visual, Real-Time Web Log Analyzer — We’ve linked this a few times over the years but it continues to get better and ever more relevant as we’re less happy to give over our data to third parties. GoAccess is a fast, terminal based log analyzer written in C that supports nearly all log formats.

Gerardo O.

Future-Proof Your Platform with a Video Stack That Scales — Keep up with new devices and new formats without extra work. Mux handles scaling so you don't have to.

Mux sponsor

Monolith: Save Web Pages into a Single, Bundled HTML File — Unlike a browser’s “Save as” feature, Monolith embeds a page’s HTML, CSS, image and JavaScript assets into a single HTML file for easy storage.


VMware vSphere Goes Kubernetes Native — A re-architecture of vSphere with a Kubernetes control plane, Project Pacific ‘looks like’ Kubernetes to developers and vSphere to admins.

Matt Asay (InfoWorld)

Mini_django.py: An Entire Django Python App in One File — Can we have a Ruby on Rails app in a single file next? :-)

Tim Watts