#222 — June 26, 2019

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How a BGP Optimizer Knocked Large Parts of the Internet Offline — BGP is a protocol that defines how traffic should be routed around the Internet and an accidental ‘leak’ of some very specific routes this Monday led to a lot of the Internet’s traffic being routed to a single small company in Pennsylvania. Here’s what happened.

Tom Strickx (Cloudflare)

The Raspberry Pi 4 Has Been Released — The Raspberry Pi has been a popular, budget single board machine since its launch in 2012 and it has been surprisingly popular for ops related experiments (with people building things like Pi-powered Kubernetes clusters). The latest version is significantly faster, has gigabit Ethernet, and supports up to 4GB RAM. Wondering what to use one for? Hacker News has an extensive thread answering that.

Raspberry Pi

Troubleshoot Across Hundreds of Microservices with Datadog — Datadog’s Service Map automatically plots out the dependencies in your microservices architecture for seamless, context-rich troubleshooting.

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AWS Load Balancer Now Supports UDP — AWS’s high performance network load balancer now supports the ability to load balance UDP traffic (in addition to the usual TCP). Why is this cool? It opens up opportunities with DNS, QUIC (HTTP3), SIP, SNMP, and other UDP-based protocols.

Jeff Barr (AWS)

AWS Control Tower: A Way to Set Up and Manage a Multi-Account AWS Environment — At a certain scale, it’s common to set up multiple AWS accounts within a company to separate concerns (e.g. staging vs production services). Control Tower is a new AWS service to make this whole process simpler to manage.

Jeff Barr

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💻 Jobs

Senior Node.js + DevOps Engineer - (Remote) — Engineers wanted to deploy Node.js applications that depend upon individual cryptocurrency daemons using AWS servers.


Find a WebOps Job on Vettery — Vettery specializes in tech roles and is completely free for job seekers.


📖 Stories and Opinions

The Case for Regulatory Capture at ICANN — ICANN is reviewing how the .ORG domain registry’s contract works, part of which would involve removing the current price cap on such domains, something almost no-one supports.

Kevin Ohashi

Athena: Automated Build Health Monitoring at Dropbox Engineering — Dropbox’s engineering team runs 35,000 builds and millions of automated tests everyday so they created a build monitoring system to minimize the manual intervention necessary to detect and quarantine flaky tests.

Hrishikesh Barua

Manifold Launches Marketplace-as-a-Service — Developer-facing platforms can now add a cloud services marketplace to their ecosystem with little effort and zero upfront costs.

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Raspberry Pi on Raspberry Pi — We featured the launch of the Raspberry Pi 4 above, but did you realize that the Pi is more than powerful enough to host its own Web site?

Mythic Beasts

How Do You Delegate to a Group of People?

Anna Shipman

An Overview of Spam Detection APIs — A look at some of the main options when it comes to detecting spam content.

Chris Coyier

💡 Tutorials

A Minimalist Guide to Lossless Compression — A brief history of lossless compression followed by a brief look at its use in a Hadoop scenario.

Mark Litwintschik

▶  A Live Walkthrough of Creating a Raspberry Pi 4 Kubernetes Cluster — Uses k3s to keep things light.

Alex Ellis

3 Strategies for Implementing A Microservices Architecture — Dump the monolith and get into microservices with these three ideas.. the ‘strangler’ method, the Lego strategy, or how about the nuclear option!


Build Your Own Real-Time Voice Translator with AWS — Yes, there are such a ridiculous number of AWS services now that there’s an entire periodic table of them but one bonus is it’s so easy to stitch them together to create interesting projects like this.

Amazon Web Services

Working Backward: From IAM Policies and Principal Tags to Standardized Names and Tags for Your AWS Resources — If you’re an AWS user, this tutorial will help kick your use of IAM policies up to another level. If you’re not an AWS user.. this tutorial might scare you away from trying it 😂

Michael Chan

Learning to Build Distributed Systems

Marc Brooker

Spin Up a GoCD Continuous Delivery Server in Less Than 5 Minutes

GoCD sponsor

Writing HTML in HTML — CMSes, static site generators.. are they all just getting in the way of what we really want.. plain old HTML?

John Ankarström

Multicloud Strategies Are Important for Developer Ergonomics

Jevon MacDonald

Ask HN: What’s The Legality of Web Scraping? — A lot of takes on the topic here.

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