#211 — April 10, 2019

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Web Operations Weekly

The Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2019 Results — Stack Overflow, the popular developer copy and pasting site, does a fantastic annual survey. This year observations include:

  • Devops specialists and site reliability engineers are amongst the highest paid and happiest developers — yay!
  • Devops specialists and sysadmins are far less likely to be women than for other types of developer —🙍‍♀️
  • Chef and Puppet are two of the most ‘dreaded’ developer tools.
  • About half of developers are using containers.

Stack Overflow

Cloud Scalability: Scale Up vs. Scale Out — The ability to handle unexpected growth or shifts in demand has become a major benefit of cloud services, but it can become a liability if not managed properly. In this article, we compare scale-up vs. scale-out strategies to assure performance.

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Google Unveils Cloud Run, Their Newest Serverless Stack — Cloud Run is Google’s new serverless compute platform for running stateless HTTP-driven containers (as opposed to Cloud Functions’ purely function-based approach). It can also run within GKE on existing GKE clusters.

If you’re on the platform, Google also slips in some news in this post about updates to Cloud Functions and App Engine (which now supports Ruby 2.5 and Java 11 in alpha).

Google Cloud

Which AWS Technology Should You Use for Your Open Source Database? — Databases are a key part of deploying apps to the cloud and AWS (in)famously has a lot of options in this regard. Here are some of the reasons you might choose between the various options.

The New Stack

Using Serverless 'Reapers' to Lower Your AWS Bill — A look at how serverless functions can be used to keep your AWS bill in check by automatically destroying resources you’re not actually using.

Kyle Galbraith

Google to Offer 7 Popular Open Source Data Projects as Managed Services — Google is adopting a collaborative approach with the projects’ creators but offering unified billing for customers. Systems from companies like MongoDB, Elastic, Neo4j and Redis Labs will be in the initial mix.

The New Stack

💻 Jobs

✉️ Want to Contribute to GitHub @ a Fortune 100 Company? — We live and breathe open source. Please check out our open-source on GitHub. Do you have the passion to write code with tests? Come join our team which powers the enterprise.

Find A WebOps Job Through Vettery — Vettery specializes in tech roles and is completely free for job seekers. Create a profile to get started.


📖 Tutorials & Stories

Websites That Keep Loading, and Loading, and Loading… — A look at what happens when a user minimizes the browser on their phone.

Doug Sillars

Orchestrating Backend Services with AWS Step Functions — Step Functions is an easy to use service for orchestrating backend workflows that has “probably the coolest console among all the AWS services.” Here’s a brief introduction.

Jay Dadhania

My First DDoS: Lessons Learned From Jerks on the Internet — An experience no-one will be jealous of, but which usually brings some important lessons.

Sergio Mattei

From Bare-Metal to Kubernetes — A walk through how a company moved from bare-metal infrastructure to a Kubernetes cluster hosted on Google Container Engine solving many engineering issues along the way.

Hugues Alary

What Is Chaos Engineering? SREs Define the Practice & Where It's Going

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'We Found A Massive Spam Operation — and Sunk Its Server'


🛠 Code & Tools

CapRover: An Automated, Scalable PaaS Package (using Docker and NGINX) — Formerly known as CaptainDuckDuck, this platform bills itself as an open source “Heroku on Steroids”. Dokku is another player in this space, although CapRover has a web-based UI.


Kong 1.1: A Cloud-Native API Gateway — Kong can act as a gateway for microservices requests providing load balancing, logging, authentication, rate-limiting, transformations, and more through plugins.


HermiTux: A Binary-Compatible Unikernel — A unikernel is a rapidly booting, minimal operating system essentially built to host a single app. HermiTux is interesting as it’s binary-compatible with Linux.


Get the Fastest Website Deployments. Ever.

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Crossplane: An NGINX Configuration File Parser and Builder — A reliable way to convert NGINX configurations into JSON and back if you want to work with them dynamically.


InSpec: An Auditing and Testing Framework for Infrastructure — Write tests to check firewall rules, installed packages, etc, and run locally or remotely. Targets most production OS including Windows.


Algernon: A Small Self-Contained Pure Go Web Server — With Lua, Markdown, HTTP/2, QUIC, Redis and Postgres support.

Alexander F. Rødseth

FTPGrab: Grab Files Periodically from a Remote FTP or SFTP Server Easily

Crazy Max

📣 Some vendor-y news items

Netlify Dev: Run Netlify's Platform on Your Dev Machine — Preview everything with site generation, functions, and edge logic, etc.

Nanobox Joins the DigitalOcean FamilyNanobox has been around several years as a neat hosted service for deploying apps onto commodity cloud infrastructure.
The DigitalOcean Blog

Azure Functions Unveils a 'Premium' Plan — In return for a monthly fee you’ll gain pre-warmed instances (no cold starts!) and the ability to run on much beefier instances (with up to 14GB of memory).
Alex Karcher (Microsoft)

PubNub Nabs $23M As Its IaaS Network Hits 1.3T Messages Sent Each Month

Introducing Scylla Cloud: The Fastest NoSQL Database as a Managed Service

Amazon Elasticsearch Service Announces Support for Elasticsearch 6.5
Amazon Web Services, Inc.