We’re looking for an experienced operations developer to join a brand new team working on Composed, a first of its kind, digital classical music streaming service from Universal Music released in April 2015.
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A library that has been designed to be small, fast, with simplicity as a priority. Amazon Web Services will begin to use it in numerous places soon.
Chris Ruppel
Smashing Magazine
Mozilla Hacks
Zach Schneider
Philip Tellis
Fowler continues with his look at microservices vs monolithic apps with a look at microservices’ pros and cons.
Martin Fowler
A look at the performance implications of using ES6 (the next version of JavaScript, essentially) specific features.
Kevin Decker
Codeship is a hosted Continuous Integration and Delivery platform focusing on speed, security, and customizability. Join customers like CareerBuilder and Product Hunt and deploy your projects multiple times per day with Codeship.
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SuHun Han
A tool designed to visualize how your site performs with assistive technologies and let you know about best practices to implement.
Khan Academy