#207 — March 13, 2019

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Web Operations Weekly

The ACME Protocol Becomes an IETF Standard — 19 years after HTTP over TLS (i.e. HTTPS) was finalized as RFC 2818, the Automatic Certificate Management Environment (ACME) protocol, as used by Let’s Encrypt, has become an IETF standard with RFC 8555.

Let's Encrypt

NGINX Inc. To Be Acquired by F5 — The creators of the popular NGINX HTTP server are being acquired for a cool $670 million. The project remains as-is though as NGINX, Inc. is focused on providing services around the project. Who’s F5, you say? Well..


How We Improved Tenserflow Serving Performance by Over 70% — Read about how Mux tuned the performance of Tensorflow Serving and learn how to build a low latency prediction pipeline.

Mux sponsor

GoDaddy, Apple, and Google Misissue 1 Million+ Certificates — A misconfiguration in the certificate generational tool some browser-trusted authorities use led to 63-bit serial numbers being used rather than 64-bit. This isn’t a major, exploitable security issue but will still result in mass revocations. There’s an interesting discussion thread about the issue too.

Dan Goodin

Cloudflare Raises $150M — In just several years, Cloudflare have become one of the most prominent companies in the Web infrastructure space with their CDN, WAF, and DDoS protection services.


30 Years Ago The World Changed Forever. The Web is 30! — In March 1989, while at CERN, Sir Tim Berners-Lee wrote “Information Management: A Proposal” outlining the World Wide Web.

Coralie Mercier (W3C)

💻 Jobs

Senior Web Developer at Dr. Bill (Remote OK) — Dr. Bill helps Canadian doctors save time by streamlining their billing. Help lead our team into the next phase of growth.

Dr. Bill

Find A Job Through Vettery — Vettery specializes in dev roles and is completely free for job seekers.


📘 Tutorials

How a Monolith Architecture Can Be Transformed into Serverless — A lot of tutorials focus on building serverless apps from scratch, but what about the more realistic case of slotting serverless approaches into existing, monolithic apps?

Kyle Galbraith

▶  Five Things About Azure Functions — A fun 4 minute video with the senior PM of Azure Functions covering five reasons to check out Azure’s serverless platform.

John Papa and Jeff Hollan

📈Data-Driven Guide to Engineering Leadership — Get actionable insights from 7 million commits and 85,000+ engineers, to increase your software teams velocity. Free Guide.

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▶  Creating a Simple, Automated Container Deployment Pipeline

Sysadmin Casts

Building a Live Data Visualization in 4 Days Using Redis Pub/Sub — How Heap used its Kafka infrastructure and Redis’s pub/sub features to make a lightweight event bus.


Hosting Your Own Analytics with Fathom

Karolis Narkevičius

Sending Funny GIFs using Amazon's IoT Button and AWS Lambda — One of those fun projects.


📖 Stories

The Lost Worlds of Telnet — Amazingly there are still Telnet-specific services still ready for you to access.

David Cassel

Rebuilding My Personal Infrastructure With Alpine Linux and Docker — A former Docker skeptic explains what was involved in rebuilding his stack.

Wesley Moore

gRPC to AWS Lambda: Is it Possible? — Coinbase has been experimenting with using AWS Lambda with gRPC as part of its drive towards a more service-oriented architecture. Is it even possible? Only ‘sort of’..

Paul Henry (Coinbase)

Managing Uber's Data Workflows at Scale — A look at Uber’s journey toward a unified, multi-tenant, and scalable data workflow management system.

Alex Kira

How Grab Simplified Its Data Ingestion and Transformation Process — Replacing Spark streaming with their own Go-powered pipeline yielded big improvements for the Asian transportation platform.

Grab Tech

🛠 Code & Tools

ZEIT Adds First-Class Support for Deploying Serverless Rust Functions — Complete with an example you can build and deploy yourself.


AWS Unveils a New, 'Open' Distribution of ElasticsearchElasticsearch is a popular document-oriented search and analytics engine/database and AWS is offering a new, purely open source distribution of it after concerns regarding recent additions of more proprietary features to the main project.

Jeff Barr

Shop Like a Developer – Discover and Experiment with Hot New Cloud Services 🔥

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CDNPerf: CDN Performance and Uptime Monitoring, Comparison and Analytics — A way to find the fastest CDN provider in the world or just your country.


Radicle: A Decentralized Code Collaboration System Built on git and IPFS

Monadic GmbH

Introducing Kraken, an Open Source Peer-to-Peer Docker Registry

Cody Gibb, Evelyn Liu, and Yiran Wang (Uber)

Krontab: A Crontab-Like Editor for Kubernetes Cron Jobs

Jacob Tomlinson