#198 — January 9, 2019

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Web Operations Weekly

Hacker News: What Is Your 'Go To' Web Stack Today? — Someone simply asked the users of Hacker News what Web stack they’re using and.. a flood of interesting replies followed. While opinions about things like React vs Vue and Django vs Rails differed, PostgreSQL was a very common suggestion.

Hacker News

GitHub Announces Unlimited Free Private Repos — A late Christmas present comes from GitHub in the shape of their free offering now including unlimited private repositories (something that previously cost $7/mo) with a limit of three collaborators per repo. For balance, GitLab’s CEO had a response.


Responsive Video for Headless CMS — We’ve combined forces with Sanity.io to make it easy to upload and preview videos within their CMS and deliver great video experiences at scale.

Mux sponsor

Is There Hope for IPv6? — Competition between IPv4 and IPv6 has implications for the future of the internet - is a mixed-standard Internet a passing phenomenon or could we get stuck here?

Internet Governance Project

SQL is No Excuse to Avoid DevOps — Should the presence of database administrators restrict your ability to adopt modern devops practices? No, argues Thomas, who then suggests some solutions to any deadlock.

Thomas A. Limoncelli

Big Price Reductions for AWS Fargate — AWS Fargate is Amazon’s container based compute engine where you just hand over your containers and it runs and scales them appropriately. Independently, Andy Warzon of Trek10 places Fargate’s pricing in context to other options.

Nathan Peck (AWS)

💻 Jobs

Find A Job Through Vettery — Vettery matches top tech talent with growing companies. Create your profile to get started.


DevOps Engineer at X-Team (Remote) — Join the most energizing community for developers. Work from anywhere with the world's leading brands.


📘 Tutorials & Opinion

Deploying MongoDB Using Docker — Provides an introduction to deploying MongoDB in a container including concepts like volume mapping and connecting to a MongoDB container from another container using links.

Akash Kathiriya

Improving HTML Time to First Byte with Cloudflare — Whatever tools and stack you use, a low ‘Time To First Byte’ will have a huge impact on users. This post introduces a Cloudflare-oriented approach for achieving one.

Patrick Meenan

Inside Stack Overflow’s Monitoring Systems

Hrishikesh Barua

Chaos Engineering Tools: Build or Buy? — This post is for teams that are ready to adopt chaos engineering and want guidance on the best strategy.

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How VP9 Delivers Value for Twitch’s Esports Live Streaming“FPGA-based real-time VP9 encoding can deliver at least 25% bitrate savings compared to the highest-quality H.264 encoders deployed in Twitch’s production today”

Yueshi Shen (Twitch)

A Review of Gloo, The Function Gateway — Gloo is a function gateway for tying together and routing multiple APIs.

Kristopher Sandoval

Risk Management for Engineering Resilience

Anthony O'Connell (ThoughtWorks)

How DevOps Should Use DBaaS (Database-as-a-Service) To Optimize Development — There are key benefits to outsourcing security and administration in many cases.

Wendy Dessler

The Role of Domain Driven Architecture and GraphQL in Digital Transformation — Paolo Negri, CTO at Contentful, believes GraphQL can be used for large-scale domain modeling within digital transformation initiatives.

Paolo Negri

🔧 Tools

Homebrew 1.9.0 Released — Homebrew is a very popular package manager for macOS and heavily used by developers. 1.9 introduces beta support for Linux and Windows 10.

Mike McQuaid

Tilt: Local Kubernetes Development with No Stress — Develop your microservices locally using Kubernetes while collaborating with your team.

Windmill Engineering

Replace Manual QA with Automated Visual Testing. Start for Free

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jinx: A Wrapper for Managing NGINX — jinx is a Bash script to help you manage NGINX sites and configurations in a streamlined way.

Richard Blechinger

Pingdom to Kill Its Free Monitoring Plan in February — We thought we’d highlight this news as Pingdom is a particularly popular site monitoring service.

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