In brief
A look at the initial implementation of srcset in Windows 10 and the future of responsive images in upcoming Edge releases.
Microsoft Edge Team
The Stack
Heroku Button was launched last year to make it easy for developers to deploy open source code to Heroku. It now supports projects in private GitHub repos too.
The Economist
Artem Genvald
Nitheesh Poojary
Marc-Antoine Perennou
A lot of the Internet’s growth is coming from emerging economies dominated by slow, intermittent connectivity and low-end devices. These audiences need to be considered.
Tim Kadlec
Michael Sheehy
Moving from just focusing on site speed to user experiences.
Mark Zeman
Filippo Valsorda
Qualys SSL Labs
Lets you perform some basic network related tests from 25 (at present) different test locations.
Claiming to be a potential cURL replacement, it boasts a intuitive UI, JSON support, syntax highlighting, wget-like downloads, extensions, etc.
Jakub Roztocil
Built in Node. Stores and syncs data in realtime. Scales via clustering. Open source.
Hoxton One
Ryosuke Matsumoto
Lets you create shared state among clients without server-side logic. It has two components: a Node back-end and a browser client library.
Gregory Fabry