#177 — August 1, 2018

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Web Operations Weekly

▶  Serverless Computing with Google Cloud — Siraj is a fantastic YouTuber who covers a lot of AI/machine learning topics in a very accessible way, and he brings his approach to using Google Cloud’s suite of services in this information-packed 10 minute video.

Siraj Raval

Google's New Book: 'The Site Reliability Workbook' — Freely downloadable until August 23 (direct link to the PDF), this new book is packed with concrete examples and case studies of putting SRE principles and practices to work.

High Scalability

Understand Kubernetes Networking Under the Hood — Understand the internal networking infrastructure, building blocks, and the hop-by-hop journey of packets.

DigitalOcean sponsor

How Cloudflare Scaled NGINX and 'Saved The World 54 Years Every Day' — The popular CDN and DDoS protection company now serves over 10 million requests per second from 151 data centers. Such demand has resulted in many modifications to their version of NGINX in order to handle the growth/scale - this post explores one such modification.

Ka-Hing Cheung

Google's Cloud Functions Now Generally AvailableCloud Functions is Google’s serverless, event-driven compute service and now GA supporting Python 3 and Node.js. There’s also a serverless add-on for Google Kubernetes Engine on the way, and an alpha program for running containers serverlessly on Cloud Functions. There’s a video of the session covering these releases too.


Portable Cloud Programming for Go(lang) with Go Cloud — The Go core team has released an alpha of Go Cloud, a set of tools and abstractions to make migrating Go code between cloud providers extremely simple. “Think database/sql for cloud products,” they say. GCP and AWS are supported so far.

Eno Compton and Cassandra Salisbury

💻 Jobs

DevOps Engineer at X-Team (Remote) — We help our developers keep learning and growing every day. Unleash your potential. Work from anywhere. Join X-Team.


Find A WebOps Job Through Vettery — Create a profile to connect with 4,000+ companies seeking top tech talent.


📘 Tutorials, Stories & Opinions

A Brief History of Containers — How the abstraction of containers and the granularity of microservices are changing the face of software architecture, development, and operations.

Matt Sarrel

Location-Aware Distribution: Configuring Servers at Scale at Facebook

Ali Haider Zaveri (Facebook)

Continuous Delivery on Modern Infrastructure - Run GoCD on Kubernetes

GoCD sponsor

This One Line of JavaScript Made FT.com 10 Times Slower — A journey into a performance degradation…

Arjun Gadhia

Repairing Network Hardware at Scale with SRE Principles

James O'Keeffe (Google)

Notes on Moving from CloudFlare to StackPath

Ayush Sharma

A Pragmatic Take on REST Anti Patterns

Chris Wood

Configuring Permissions in Kubernetes with RBAC


Hit the Ground Running with Distributed Tracing Core Concepts — Confused by distributed tracing? Start here.

Nic Munroe

🔧 Tools

Teleport 2.7 Released: DevOps 'Best Practices in a Box' — Teleport is a privileged SSH access manager for elastic compute infrastructure.


Stop with the Endless Integrations. Collect Data Once, Send It Anywhere

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Kubeval: A Validator for Kubernetes Configuration Files

Gareth Rushgrove

vhost-gen: Configurable Virtual Host Generator for Apache 2.2, Apache 2.4 and NGINX


Netlify CMS 2.0 Launches with Bitbucket Support and a New Monorepo Architecture


Terraforming: Export Existing AWS Resources to Terraform Style

Daisuke Fujita