#175 — July 18, 2018

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Web Operations Weekly

The Periodic Table of DevOps Tools (above). Source: XebiaLabs

Designing GraphQL APIs — A tutorial built at Shopify (initially for internal use) based on lessons learnt creating and scaling schemas on GraphQL APIs at Shopify.

Shopify Engineering

Do You Need a 'Service Mesh'? — Service meshes are becoming a critical component in microservice-based architectures as they make service-to-service communication and cooperation easier to define and manage.

George Miranda

Understand the Latest Trends in Retaining Talent, Bootcamp, and More — Containers have become the go-to tool for developers, with an industry usage rate of 49%. Don't get left behind. Learn more.

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Cloudflare, Mozilla, Fastly, and Apple Working on Encrypted SNI — Work is taking place at the IETF 102 hackathon. Still very much a work in progress, SNI encryption makes it possible to conceal server name indicators from network inspection (as this is not currently the case).

Nick Sullivan on Twitter

New Amazon EC2 Instance Types Announced: Z1d, R5 and R5d — The new instance types are all compute or memory optimized with Z1d instances optimized for the highest per-core performance and the R5 and R5d instances aimed at databases and analytics use.

Jeff Barr (AWS)

▶  Google Reveals the Secrets of DevOps — A 20 minute chat with Google engineers on the tools they use to handle development at scale.

The New Stack podcast

Netflix's FAST.com Now Measures Latency and Upload SpeedFAST.com is an in-browser connection speed tester supplied by Netflix for users to see if their connections are being limited or shaped, and it now measures latency and upload speeds too.


Google Compute Engine Now Has 'ultramem' Machine Types With 4TB RAM — Up to 160 vCPUs (a record for any public cloud) and 4TB of memory on a single instance are now available. Unsurprisingly, SAP workloads are a target for such scale.


💻 Jobs

DevOps Engineer (Fully Remote) — We asked our DevOps Engineer to come up with recruitment clickbait. He said 'Kubernetes'.


Find a WebOps Job Through Vettery — Vettery specializes in tech roles and is completely free for job seekers. Create your profile to get started.


💬 Stories & Opinions

Seven Best Practices for Building Containers

Théo Chamley (Google)

Poor Password Hygiene Enabled ESLint Supply-Chain Attack on the 'npm' Node Package Management System — More on this story at the top of last week’s Node Weekly.

Lucian Constantin

Webinar: Actionable CD Metrics. Use Metrics to Improve Your Continuous Delivery Process

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An Experiment in Delivering WordPress in 7KB

Jack Lenox

Rising Seas Could Cause Problems For Internet Infrastructure


As Cloud Investment Surges, What's the New Normal for Data Centers? — Investment in data centers continues to hit new highs.

Rich Miller

Hackers Account for 90% of Login Attempts at Online Retailers — Protecting your apps against credential stuffing is key.

John Detrixhe (Quartz)

My (Rough) Start with Azure Functions — Raymond Camden tells the tale of his first time using Azure’s serverless platform.

Raymond Camden

📘 Tutorials

How We Served Brotli Compressed Files Through Amazon Cloudfront — Brotli is a compression algorithm that outperforms gzip.

Rama Krishna

Creating a Custom WordPress Dashboard with MongoDB, Azure, and Serverless Functions — A developer explains how he’s using the WordPress API to create a custom WordPress dashboard for an enterprise client.

Ahmad Awais

How To Run Production Minikube Deployments with Cloudflare

Nathan Franzen

🔧 Tools

debase: Even More Minimal Ubuntu for Containers (with curl and Support for TLSv1.3) — Did you think Minimal Ubuntu which we linked last week is as minimal as you can get? Nope, this project for pure container use goes further.


Kubernetes-in-Docker: A Single Node Cluster to Run Your CI Tests Against Thats Ready in 30 Seconds


Nabla Containers: A New Approach to Container Isolation


runq: Run Regular Docker Images in KVM/Qemu

IBM Corp.

httpu: A 'Terminal-First' HTTP Client — For playing or working with existing HTTP APIs from the terminal. Built in Golang.

Harry Lawrence

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