#160 — April 4, 2018

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Web Operations Weekly

How ipdata Serves a Million Daily API Calls from 10 Scalable Endpoints — One of those ‘this is our stack’-type case studies we all love, this time focusing on ipdata, an IP geolocation API that uses a variety of AWS services to scale around the globe relatively cheaply.

Jonathan Kosgei

A Modern (Re)Introduction to DNS — An attempt to provide a concise, modern, ‘correct introduction’ to DNS and related concepts. Pretty technical, but all worth knowing. “The goal is to be a mini “TCP/IP Illustrated” of DNS.”

Bert Hubert

Linux Cloud Hosting Starting at 1GB of RAM for $5/mo — Get a Linode server up and running in seconds. Simply choose your plan, distro and location and you’re ready to deploy your server. Get $20 credit on a new account.

Linode Cloud Hosting sponsor A New, Fast, Privacy-First DNS Service — Cloudflare and APNIC have teamed up to provide a new, globally distributed consumer DNS service that’s topping most initial benchmarks.


Announcing the New HTTP Archive — The HTTP Archive, a site that tracks ‘how the web is built’ has graduated numerous features from beta to final release including these handy reports that look at loading speeds, JavaScript use, page weight, and more.

HTTP Archive

Introducing Network Error Logging — Server logs are useful, but what if you could request logs from clients? It turns out the W3C’s Web Performance Working Group are working on an approach called Network Error Logging.

Douglas Creager

6 Creative Ways to Solve Problems with Linux Containers and Docker — An outside-the-box exploration of how containers can be used to provide novel solutions.

Sean Kane

Node.js 8.10 Runtime Now Available on AWS Lambda — You can now develop AWS Lambda serverless functions on top of the Node 8.10 runtime which makes numerous modern JS syntax and performance features available.

Amazon Web Services

Are You Earning What You're Worth? — What can you earn as a web developer? Check out the free O'Reilly Web Salary Survey results and find out.

O'Reilly Media, Inc. sponsor

Updating the NGINX Application Platform — NGINX explains what’s coming next for their platform, including NGINX Plus R15, Unit 1.0 (their dynamic app server), and Controller R1 (their management and monitoring tool).


Amazon ECS Now Includes Integrated Service Discovery

Randall Hunt

Google Winding Down Its URL Shortening Service (goo.gl)

Andrew Liptak

Looking Back at 10 Years of Compartmentalization at AWS

Werner Vogels

Using AWS Lambdas for Data Lake Monitoring — How the UK’s largest used car marketplace uses serverless functions for maintaining its KPI dashboards.


💻 Jobs

Web Backend Developer (Fairfax, VA) — City State Entertainment is looking for an ASP.NET dev to help create Camelot Unchained, an RvR fantasy MMO for its studio in VA.

City State Entertainment

WebOps Expert? Sign Up for Vettery — Create your profile and we’ll connect you with top companies looking for talented WebOps candidates.


📘 Tutorials

Everything You Need to Know About the Twelve-Factor App

Randall Degges

Running Distributed Erlang and Elixir Apps on Docker

Oleg Tarasenko

What is a Service Mesh? — The first in a series covering configurable infrastructure layers for microservice-based apps.

Floyd Smith (NGINX)

Executing Commands in Pods using Kubernetes' API

Marek Jelen

How-To: Low-Risk Continuous Delivery and Deployment 📦

ROLLBAR sponsor

Using Neo4j-GraphQL to Serve a GraphQL Endpoint Directly from Neo4j — Turn the popular graph database into a GraphQL server.

William Lyon

Giving Every Tor Hidden Service an IPv6 Address — I always enjoy this guy’s networking experiments.

Ben Cartwright-Cox

🔧 Code & Tools

Introducing the Google Analytics Sample Dataset for BigQuery — A dataset for gaining experience with analyzing analytics data with BigQuery.


lambdaPHP: Quick and Scrappy PHP Hosting using AWS Lambda

San Kumar

Wapp: A Web-Application Framework for TCL — Built by the creator of SQLite.

D. Richard Hipp

Kweb: An Experimental Kotlin Webapp Library — Interestingly you can interact with the browser DOM as if it were local to the server.

Ian Clarke