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In brief
Up to 25Gbps to S3 and certain types of EC2 instances.
Jeff Barr
Enjoy this newsletter and use MongoDB? We’ve got you covered :-)
mongodb   sponsored 
Want a cluster up and running fast? Only the essential steps here.
Alex Ellis
A beautifully thorough walkthrough of what’s involved.
Peter Goldsborough
Dan Breslaw and Dima Bekerman
Michael Hausenblas
Ian Miell
Scale up, with on-demand agents. GoCD’s elastic agents gives you the flexibility and savings you need.
GoCD   sponsored 
A low single digit percentage effect..
Arianna Aondio
A new IP can mean GoogleBot throttles its crawls.
Sahana Bhat
.. using the rushit micro-benchmarking tool.
Jakub Sitnicki
An engaging talk about IPv6 and why you should (or shouldn’t) use it with your containers.
Matt Palmer
Why you should stop using it to store session data.
Randall Degges
Timothy Prickett Morgan
Erik Dietrich
Linode Cloud Hosting   sponsored 
Darren Mulholland
Including scheduled containers, software defined networking, and converged storage, all on commodity x86 servers.
Pax Automa