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In brief
Amazon Web Services
Essentially private network traffic will be isolated by account/team.
An accessible look at some of the math behind what keeps the Web secure.
Kellen Evan Person
Andjelko Iharos
This post includes a Lex overview, demo scenario and data layer setup.
mongodb   sponsored 
A basic introduction to Containerd and how it works with Docker, Kubernetes CRI, etc.
Michael Crosby
Łukasz Budnik
Lars Olafsen
Khash Sajadi
Running a VM within another VM unlocks options for apps that mix + match containers & VMs.
Mary Branscombe
Peter Hedenskog (Wikimedia Foundation)
An overview of GoCD and Spinnaker, why they are different from each other and which problems you should use them to solve.
GoCD   sponsored 
Ha! And the final sentence is just perfect..
Chris McFadden
Mark Nunnikhoven
The New Stack