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In brief
Google Cloud Platform Blog
To connect to other services in Amazon VPCs controlled by you.
Up from ‘nearly a third’ a year ago.
Mary Jo Foley
The Register
Frederic Lardinois
The Universal Scalability Law models how systems perform as they grow. This ebook shows how to best use it.
VividCortex   sponsored 
Andrew Betts
A walkthrough of setting up and deploying to a Kubernetes cluster.
Dan Garfield
Mohamed Labouardy
Sophia Parafina and Arun Gupta
Lee Namba
Kiran Oliver
Why continuous delivery is “the more fundamental practice”.
Matthew Skelton
.. as Google can change how fonts look on the fly.
The million-dollar question, it is. Much like the trailer for “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” it seems like everyone is talking about DevOps.
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Amazon Web Services
Freek Van der Herten
A library to persist messages on S3 using serverless architecture.
Mateusz Kaczynski