In brief
Its sites (such as The Verge) have become so slow, it’s time for firm action.
Vox Product Blog
New Relic
Daniel Stenberg
A paper showing how to build a guaranteed-latency messaging service within a data centre by allowing a limited number of packets to skip queues on commodity hardware.
Cambridge University
Mapping between the major services in AWS and Google Cloud Platform.
Greg Wilson
Some points that look at how HTTPS-only will change the dynamic of the Web for the better.
Eric Mill
Dan Boutin
FINN Technology
A great way to test the resilience of your HTTP based systems is to use an HTTP proxy that introduces random failures.
Bounce Storage
Send raw HTTP/2 frames, type in HTTP/1 and have it auto packed for HTTP/2, pretty print all received HTTP/2 frames, and more.
Brad Fitzpatrick
Apache Software Foundation
You can embed the power of Lua (a scripting language) into NGINX, and these scripts for LESS, Sass/SCSS and ES6 could be useful.
Tit Petric