£50-100k based on exp + equity. Work in the dev and systems world, implementing our core architecture and tackling interesting challenges to serve 100M+ users per month.
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In brief
Lucian Constantin
A conference for software engineers and enterprise-level professionals. JAX brings together leading innovators in the fields of Java, Microservices, Continuous Delivery and DevOps.
JAX London
The new German region, europe-west3, joins europe-west1 in Belgium, offering another location in continental Europe.
Dave Stiver and Michael Korbacher
Amazon Web Services, Inc.​
Kellen Evan Person
Amit Saha
Jacob Loveless
How analyzed massive volumes of traffic to keep its violation reporting service available.
Imperva Incapsula   sponsored 
A good look at an alternative to webhooks.
Sky Gaming
Jennifer Riggins
How Reddit has moved from Postgres, to Lucene, Solr, and now Lucidworks Fusion.
A Reddit discussion that might make you feel better.
Peter Waterhouse
Here is a mapping of Amazon’s offerings compared to those from Microsoft and Google.
Richard Robbins
Helpful information and advice on operating microservices.
Bridget Kromhout and Charity Majors
Get your boss to buy you things... and look good in the process. A guide to advocating for products effectively.
VividCortex   sponsored 
Simon Taranto
Oriented around Hapi, React, React Router v4, Redux, Postgres, and NGINX. GitHub repo.
Tane Piper