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In brief
A potential overflow condition can occur with a specially crafted request on versions 0.5.6 through 1.13.2.
Aaron Brown on Twitter
Not sure how useful this is but the idea is interesting.
Christian Haschek
A service, created with JavaScript, that makes setting up email form forwarding easy.
Daniel Ireson
Richard Schneeman
Gao Chao
A deep dive into a new enhancement to Cloudflare’s HTTPS service.
It stands for Build-Diff-Deploy-Apply.
Atlassian Developers
The Codeship + OpsGenie integration lets you send alerts and notifications about critical events, like failed builds, to your on-call or development team.
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Increased numbers of warnings in browsers will make users think twice.
Troy Hunt
Gareth Rushgrove
Both tools for managing infrastructure.
Colin Mo / Armory
Santosh Balan / Fujitsu America
A controversial but intriguing opinion.
Matt Asay
Always know whats broken & why. Rollbar detects and alerts you when code breaks. Catch errors before users do.
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Jess Frazelle
Secures PHP apps’ server-to-server HTTP(S) traffic.
Paragon Initiative Enterprises
An encrypted email system with support for SMTP, POP, IMAP, HTTP and MOLTEN.
Lavabit LLC