In brief
Mary Branscombe
Træfik is a configurable HTTP reverse proxy.
Jesse Cooke
Fernando Medina Corey
How to set up a Docker environment and “get up and running in minutes”.
Nicholas Rempel
See how Rollbar pairs perfectly with APM tools to give you greater coverage + much more insight into application errors.
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George Michaelson / APNIC
Ocado Technology
Adam Hawkins
Ayham Alzoubi
Twain Taylor
How the growing CDN market is changing thanks to new players, scale and security.
Mahendra Ramsinghani
Or why a company is moving to GCP from AWS.
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Systems that make it easy to automatically manage IAM roles and policies at a large scale.
zetcd sits in front of an etcd cluster and serves an emulated ZooKeeper client port, letting unmodified ZooKeeper applications run on top of etcd.
A new Heroku-powered tool designed with strictly regulated/high compliance industries (such as healthcare) in mind.
Jesper Joergensen
Delivers “new capabilities that render container contents more visible and more verifiable”.
Jimmy Zelinskie