An incredibly busy week in the world of Web operations and security. You know it's a bad week when an SHA-1 collision isn't the biggest or even second biggest story, spots taken by a major leak/vulnerability in Cloudflare, and a major AWS outage, both linked below.

Want to work on a high-traffic, popular web app? Come and talk to us about Ruby, SmartOS, MySQL, Kafka or burritos.
Wimdu are looking for an Engineer with 3+ years experience to help define a solid strategy for ensuring future growth of our platform.
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Can deliver up to 3.3M IOPS and 16GB/sec sequential disk throughput.
Mozilla Hacks
The market-wide drop in virtual server pricing continues.
Kamaljit Bath
Monitoring is highly important in running apps at scale. Apply best practices from this book to avoid pitfalls.
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Gareth Dwyer
Tom Wilkie
Why you might benefit from letting this popular paradigm rest in peace.
Michael S.​ Mikowski
Shlomi Ben Haim
See how Rollbar pairs perfectly with New Relic to give you greater coverage and insights into your application errors. Get x-ray vision into broken code. Learn more.
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Thomas Hollstegge
Could be handy if working close to the metal.
Milian Wolff