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A deep dive on hard drive performance stats from 73,653 hard drives. What are the most reliable hard drives by size, manufacturer, and model?
They switched over yesterday to a Node and React-based PWA.
If you’re using an older Python without the most secure TLS implementation, this is the year to get serious about upgrading.
A.​ Jesse Jiryu Davis
Get full root access on any Linux distribution you want for only $10 per month, all with SSD storage included.
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Guillaume Quintard
How to use .ebextensions to configure the EB environment for a Rails app.
Maria Luisa Carrion D.​
Erich Reich
Ian Douglas
What exactly is a static site generator? What goes on inside that black box? In this post, Brian Rinaldi explores all of the parts that make them up.
CSS Tricks
Thing Repository
How to set up what’s needed to test in different browsers and devices.
David Gilbertson
Felix Gessert
A look at how a German e-commerce company structures its services.
Dmitry Kolesnikov
Dan Luu
Rollbar detects and alerts you when code breaks in production. Get the stack trace, code, data to help you d̶e̶b̶u̶g̶ defeat Ruby errors.
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Complete with a well design Web-based UI.
James White