We're looking for a QA Automation Engineer with an extensive knowledge of automation frameworks. We are 100% remote and we provide the funding needed to help you achieve your goals and grow.
In brief
Builds upon Docker 1.12’s swarm mode, plus lots of other fixes.
Docker Core Engineering
Amazon Web Services
New to 3.1 is a smart gRPC proxy for offloading client requests away from the core cluster.
Get full root access on any Linux distribution you want for only $10 per month, all with SSD storage included.
Linode   sponsored 
Patrick R
The techniques Mozilla uses to implement baseline scans in their infrastructure.
Simon Bennetts
The goal is to simplify their network operations.
Marcus Keane
Red Hat
Mariano Gappa
A whitepaper exploring if PostgreSQL on ARM is a viable option for your next project.
Kaarel Moppel
Set sophisticated alerts on app performance. Correlate with metrics from load balancers, databases, and more.
Datadog   sponsored 
A handy cheat sheet with explainers of all the available services in Microsoft’s growing Azure ecosystem.
Alex Ellis